Mold Making Shop

TTi Invested and Running 2 Injection Mold Making Shops with 60 mold makers,
All Mold Makers are experienced 5-15 years on mold making and very experienced
for USA, Europe,Australia,Japan standard in Hasco,DME,Rabourdin,JIS or enterprise injection mold standard.
We make over 300 sets injection molds exported to USA, Europe,Australia,Latin America, Israel,Russia and Japan
Our Injection Mold molded plastic parts are using in
Automobile,Electronics,Medical,Defence,Security,Home Appliance,Consumer,Toys

  •  CNC Machining Shop
    CNC Machining Shop
  •  EDM & Wire Processing Shop
    EDM & Wire Processing Shop
  •  Mold Fabrication Shop
    Mold Fabrication Shop
  •  Milling Shop
    Milling Shop
  •  CNC Processing
    CNC Processing
  •  Grinding Processing
    Grinding Processing
  •  EDM Processing-1
    EDM Processing-1
  •  EDM Processing-2
    EDM Processing-2
  •  EDM Processing-3
    EDM Processing-3