TTi is strict on ISO9001 system for Quality Control.
We train every people and request our people make Quality in first important job.Every people would like care about their jobs quality.
Quality is factory life and dignity. Quality is first then profit, this is TTi tenet.
1-For Tooling.
We would make FAI report with customers drawing dimension. and care about the appearance of metal parts.
Before shipment, Our QC would check and put FAI report in. then shipping to customer
2-For Mold Making.
We would check related important dimensions of moldbase, cavity,core,inserts,slider,lifter,electrodes.
Before EDM processing, the EDM technican would check every electrodes.
Before Mold testing, the mold maker technician would check all the mold components follow parts drawing.
Before Mold Shipment.Our QC, Mold Designer, Project Engineer,Mold Maker have meeting,
they would checkall the mold components approval, care about mold appearance,
and put mold spec, user manual in package box. then shipping to customer
3-For Injection Molding and Plastic Parts
Our QC and Project Engineer would check related dimensions which customer approved and plastic part appearance.
Then make instruction documents with signatured approval sample for mass production.
every injection molding operator would follow that to do mass production.
Before package, QC would spot-check 5-10 pcs samples of each box. and before shipment QC would care about the
package appearance. then shipping to customer