About Us

TTi Was Founded in 2007 year
with 10 experienced manager of injection mold making from Multi-National Corpration At Starting, 
We have 2 Sales Managers, 3 Project Manager, 3 Mold designers,1 Quality Control Manager,1 Mold Maker
In 2008 year-->
we extended 15 peoples.
In 2009 year-->
we established 1 injection mold making factory with 20 peoples and purchased 4 injection machines for plastic parts injection molding.
In 2010 year-->
we invested 1 more injection mold making shop and injection molding shop.
In the end of 2010 year-->
we invested 1 manufacturing shop for machining because customer requested.
In 2011 year-->
we invested 1 more injection molding shop for plastic parts injection molding, painting,printing,assembly for customer requirement.
In the end of 2011 year-->
we got a good partner for EMI plating as Vacuum Plating Factory.
Until now, There are over 150 peoples working in TTi tooling
We are expecting the future to bring more for customers,
TTi makes competitive and quality injection mold,plastic parts with metal parts for customers from worldwide
Let us working together shake hands